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7 suggestions that you cannot ignore before purchasing a children's helmet

May 14, 2023

Children helmet

When purchasing bicycle helmets for children, parents should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Compliance with safety standards: Ensure that the purchased helmet meets national or regional safety standards. In the United States, helmets need to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations. In Europe, the European safety standard EN1078 should be followed. Please pay attention to the relevant standards in your region.

2. Appropriate size: The size of the helmet is very important. Choose a helmet that is suitable for the child's head circumference and pay attention to any adjustable parts inside the helmet to adjust as the child grows. Ensure that the helmet can be securely fixed to the head without being too loose or too tight.

3. Comfort: Children need to be willing to wear helmets, so comfort is crucial. When purchasing, have children try on helmets to ensure they are suitable and comfortable. There should be appropriate cushioning and ventilation holes inside the helmet to keep the child's head comfortable and cool.

4. Shape and design: Although safety and comfort are the most important factors for helmets, choosing the color and design that children like is also important. This can stimulate children's enthusiasm to wear helmets.

5. Visibility: Buying brightly colored helmets or helmets with reflective materials can help improve children's visibility on the road, thereby increasing safety.

6. Price: When purchasing a helmet, there is no need to overly focus on price. Although some high-end brands may have higher prices for helmets, the key is to choose a helmet that meets safety standards, is suitable for children's head shape, and is comfortable. In terms of safety and comfort, do not sacrifice quality to save money.

7. Replacement cycle: Helmets may experience hidden damage after being hit, especially during falls or collisions. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, helmets should generally be replaced every 3 to 5 years, or immediately after being impacted.

Finally, educating children to develop the habit of wearing helmets and following traffic rules is crucial to ensuring their safety while cycling.
kids bike helmet

Here are some well-known brands of children's helmets:

Giro: Giro is a professional helmet manufacturer, whose children's helmets are designed with lightweight materials, detachable lining, and adjustable straps, providing a high level of safety and comfort.

Bell: Bell is another well-known helmet brand. Its children's helmet is made of hard shell and high-density foam, which can provide excellent protection and comfort.

Kingbike: Kingbike is a professional brand dedicated to the design and production of children's helmets. We use the highest quality materials for our helmets, with a focus on detail and comfort, and a dedication to precision calculation of data to ensure that each helmet provides the best safety performance and appearance.

Nutcase: Nutcase is a brand that focuses on children's helmets, with unique helmet designs and bright patterns that are suitable for children with different preferences.

Schwinn: Schwinn is a long-standing bicycle brand that uses high-quality materials and adjustable straps for its children's helmets, providing excellent safety and comfort.

Kali Protectives: Kali Protectives is a professional helmet manufacturer. Its children's helmets are made of high-quality materials and filled with multi-layer foam, providing a very high level of protection.

These brands of children's helmets have different characteristics and designs, and parents can choose suitable helmet brands based on their children's needs and preferences. No matter which brand you choose, protecting children's safety always

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