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About us

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Once when I was a child, my home was out of power due to snowstorm. Even in the house, I felt freezing cold and my feet were frostbitten. I really didn't like the cold feeling in winter, so my partner and I founded Dongguan Maichuang e-commerce Co., LTD in 2018, and established the Keepwarming online store, which is a company specialized in selling winter warming products, including heated gloves, heated clothes, heated socks and so on.

We are committed to sell high quality heating products that you can trust. Our main brands include Savior, Sun Will etc. If you purchase in keepwarming online store, we deliver our products through express to North America, Europe, Australia, etc. with 30 days money back guarantee. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.


keep your warm in winter!

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