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Full Goat-skin Leather Savior Heated Gloves | Leather Motorcycle Electric Gloves

Leather Savior Heated Gloves 7

This Savior leather heated glove is the champion of heated gloves. It is covered with 100% sheepskin. Five fingers and the back of the hand are heated. No matter you are in any environment, it is warm enough without fear of cold.

This full leather heated glove has a velvet lining, which makes you feel smooth and comfortable.

The middle of the gloves is provided with a TPU waterproof film, which can be limited to resist splashing.

Three level heat control, low temperature can last for up to 6 hours.

The fingers are coated with conductive leather, allowing you to tap and slide various touch screen devices such as mobile phones.

Whether in skating, skiing, running, hiking, fishing, hunting and other outdoor sports, it can keep your hands warm in cold weather and bid farewell to cold hands.

Normal temperature Estimated Heating Times:
High: 140-150℉ Continuous work 2-2.5 Hours
Medium: 122-131℉ Continuous work 3-3.5 Hours
Low: 100-113℉ Continuous work 6-6.5 Hours

Package Included
1 x Leather Warming gloves
2 x 2200MAh Li-ion Battery
1 x Charger
1 x instruction manual
1 x Storage bag

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Leather Savior Heated Gloves 6

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