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Kingbike Youth Dinosaur Helmet

Children Dinosaur Helmet 2

Introduce your child to the thrilling world of dinosaurs with our youth dinosaur Helmet, designed to spark imagination while ensuring top-notch safety. Available in a palette of prehistoric-inspired colors including black, light green, dark green, and pink, this helmet is not only fun but also fully certified with CPSC and european safety standard EN1078, ensuring it meets the highest safety requirements.

Product Features:

Dinosaur-Inspired Design: Each helmet features playful dinosaur details that will make your child feel like they're part of a Jurassic adventure.
Color Options: Choose from bold black, vibrant light green, deep dark green, or sweet pink to best match your child's favorite style or dinosaur.
Safety Certifications: Fully certified by CPSC and EN1078, our helmets meet strict safety standards to protect your child during their biking, skating, or scooting activities.

Safety and Comfort:

Robust Construction: Made with durable materials designed to withstand impacts and provide lasting protection.
Adjustable Fit: Comes with adjustable straps and a sizing dial at the back, ensuring a perfect fit that grows with your child.
Ventilation: Multiple air vents ensure that your child remains cool and comfortable, even during active play.

Ideal For:

Young Adventurers: Specially designed for children who love dinosaurs and outdoor adventures.
Ages: Optimally sized for young explorers aged between 3 to 9 years old.

Equip your little explorer with our Dino Kids' Helmet and let them roar into their outdoor adventures with style, comfort, and unmatched safety. Perfect for biking, skateboarding, or any playful expedition, this helmet is built to protect and inspire. Choose their favorite color and watch them embark on countless prehistoric journeys with enthusiasm and protection.

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