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OZERO Genuine Deerskin Riding Gloves | Winter Waterproof Suede Leather Gloves

OZERO Genuine Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves 12

OZERO deerskin riding gloves is perfect combination of softness and durability, wind and water resistant, best for winter outdoor sports.

Material: Deerskin, polyester and cotton
Color: Yellow, Black, Grey
Size: S, M, L, XL
Features: Thick, waterproof, comfortable, agile
Uses:  cycling, riding, racing, driving, running, golfing.

Ozero deerskin leather gloves made by 5 layers of insulating material.
Polar Fleece: The outmost thermal layer of these warm gloves,it is widely used in various winter clothes because of its excellent thermal retention,flexibility and light weight.
Waterproof TPU: The second layer,a breathable material that can efficiently protect hands from getting wet by snowmelt in winter without making the snow gloves stuffy.
Firm Sponge:The third layer,a material that has impressive wind resistant performance,it is combined with the elastic wind resistant cuff that provides snug fit to greatly increase the freezing wind resistance of these deerskin cold weather gloves,and in addition,because the sponge is not easily deformed,no floppy fingers would come with these work gloves.
Heatlok Insulated Material: The fourth and most critical layer for these deerskin winter thermal gloves,it is the main force for the cold resistance.Heatlok is a high-tech patented that provides warmth without excess bulk or loss of dexterity,it "traps" air and creates a thermal barrier to keep the warmth inside the ski gloves,this unique layer combines with other materials to keep your hands warm even when temperature drops to the range of - 30°F to -20°F.Please note that -30°F is the extreme temperature for these gloves, and the comfortable temperature for these gloves is -20°F.
TR Thermal Material: The innermost layer and the most frequently touched layer of these OZERO cold-resistant deerskin suede leather gloves,it's a very soft and skin-friendly material,you will love the feeling of wearing these winter gloves with it in cold weather.
Please note: Please note: this winter gloves fingers have no touch screen function.

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OZERO Genuine Deerskin Motorcycle Glove 9

OZERO Genuine Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves 10OZERO Genuine Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves 11

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