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How to get better at golf in the winter

August 13, 2021

We all know that golf courses in summer are amazing, but nothing is more like the fresh morning air on golf courses in autumn or winter. Ducks paddle around the water barrier. Thick clouds float lazily across the sky. The smell of fresh grass fills your nose and you exhale fog. This is a perfect calm, a perfect day. No matter how cold, we want to make sure you don't miss any second.

golf heated gloves

Although there are many benefits of golf in winter, blind underground may bring all kinds of "unexpected" damage, such as physical strain or cold, club damage and so on. Therefore, proper and comprehensive preparation is absolutely necessary:

1. Keep warm

In the season when you need to wear down jacket or coat, it is very important to choose warm golf clothes. It is very important to keep warm, windproof, waterproof and lightweight. Players in the South can consider wearing a cotton Golf T-shirt and a wool pullover, but in the north, you obviously need a coat. Because the general stadium is relatively open, it is important to overcome the cold wind. In this case, it is easier to keep warm by choosing a coat with wind proof function. Heating gloves are also very suitable for winter golf course equipment, But what are the best golf gloves? The keepwarming online store sells all kind of Savior and Sunwill heated gloves. The temperature can be controlled between 110℉ to 130℉, which can ensure that your hands will not become stiff due to cold.

2. Warm up

Although the players will do some warm-up before leaving the game, most of them are done in a hurry. In winter, our body is vulnerable to damage due to lack of exercise for a long time, so the warm-up exercise should be appropriately prolonged and the range of action should be increased compared with other seasons. Experts suggest that the warm-up exercise time should be kept at about 15 minutes.

3. Protect your golf club

Winter is the season most likely to damage the golf club. It is not uncommon for the club head to break and "fly out". Therefore, pay special attention to the maintenance of the club. For example, try not to practice splitting at the edge of the green or in the bunker, because the bunker usually becomes very hard due to poor maintenance in this season, which is easy to cause the club to break. You can choose a professional club shop for club maintenance, but your daily maintenance is also very important. For example, after playing the ball, clean it to avoid some dirt mixed between the joint and face of the club; Before playing, rub the club head with a warm towel to preheat and soften the club head to avoid fracture at low temperature. However, if your club is made of steel, you can't use this method, because it may cause rust on the club surface. At the same time, it's best not to wipe the lever handle with warm water, because generally the lever handle is made of glue, and it's easy to become dry and hard and break with a sudden decrease in temperature.

In addition to the above necessary protection, if you end up with friends, chatting while playing will make a person's cold journey easier and more interesting. For friends who are really afraid of the cold, if they are worried that their skills are unfamiliar due to laziness in one season, they can choose to practice on the driving range once or twice a week. If possible, you can also consider taking a long golf vacation.

To commemorate the National Golf month, we decided to share some of our favorite golfers - the experience of our customers! The Savior family is more than just skiing and snowboarding; Many of them also play golf. No matter what the weather, real golfers will enjoy a round, and Savior helps achieve this through our heated gloves. Denise Lawler even called heated gloves "the golfer's dream".

Playing a round of golf requires a dedicated person to withstand the cold. For example, Marie wick plays golf outdoors at 45℉ wearing her classic savior heated gloves! After all, Savior glove users, they like to challenge the climate, and that's what she does! We all want people to do what they like to do in the cold, and playing golf is one of them.

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