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Savior Heated Socks | 7.4V Battery Unisex Foot Warmer Heated Ski Socks Black

Savior heated ski socks with excellent heating elements,  up to 6 hours of heating. Challenge the climate, keep your foot warming in severe cold.

Product description
【Camping Foot Warmers】Women and Men’s foot warmer socks with two pair 7.4 Volt 2200mah rechargeable Li-ion batteries, Long heating time keep your foot warming and comfortable all day. 

Heating Elements Covers Instep and Toes Area】Savior foot warming socks upgraded to use fiber heating elements all around both fore foot and instep,the infrared can stimulate your foot blood circulation. Men and women wearing savior fashionable warming socks, say goodbye to chilly foot.

【Easy to Control the Temperature】3 levels temperature setting controller to adjust your favorite temperature, controller LED red is for high temperature,white for medium temperature,blue for low temperature.

【Quality Comfortable Material】This electric socks have 2 pair long life work time rechargeable battery. Quality stable heating elements and quality material. It can keep you warm all day, it best for chilblains or raynaud's syndrome, no more cold feet in winter.

Material: 80% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 8% Elastane Material Coolmax

This heated socks elegant package, Fashion and improved quality are the idea gift for your friends and families and whomever you want pass your warmth and love.

How To Use:
●Charge Up – Fully charge with provided charger kit before using.
●Plug-In – Connect the battery to plug located in the socks pocket.
●Turn On – Press on/off to adjust the temperature.

Working Hours:
●High:       140-150℉ (60-65°C) - 2-2.5 H
●Medium: 122-131℉ (50-55°C) - 3-3.5 H
●Low:        100-113℉ (37-45°C) - 6-6.5 H

Packet Included:
●1 Pair heated socks
●2 Pcs Rechargeable Battery
●Dual Charger
●Instruction Manual

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Main Questions

●Question: Why are 7.4V heated socks better than 3.7V heated socks?
Answer: The 7.4V battery uses two sets of 3.7V batteries connected in parallel. The real power of one 7.4V battery is equal to two 3.7V batteries, but the volume of the battery does not increase.
So it can last longer and not be easily damaged.

●Question: How to choose the size?
Answer: Choose the bigger size if you have longer toe or in between size according to our size chart.

●Question: Are the fore foot and the insteps both heating?
Answer: Yes, Heating elements covers whole fore foot and insteps. .

●Question: Can the heated socks wash by machine?
Answer: No, Hand wash only, do not machine dry or use bleach. Please use mild detergent to clean the spots and air dry lying flat.

●Question: Please tell me the lengths of socks. How far up the leg do they go?
Answer: About 7-9 inches from the knee and I am 5'9". It's got some length.

●Question: Do they work under subzero?
Answer: Yes, they do. Enjoy cosy warmth on your feet no matter what you're doing outside.

●Question: I wear a size womans 10 what size would i order?
Answer: Please choose size L

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