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12x24 Inch Flannel Electric Heating Pad | Keepwarming

.•Comfortable Material: Quality flannel provides optimal comfort for touch while facilitating heat preservation, and is machine washable after removing controller and power cord, maintaining hygiene and softness all along.

•Fast Heating: This infrared heating pad with 6 levels temperature setting: 104℉-140℉ (40℃-60℃). Fast heating for instant relaxation. Around 2m/6.5ft cord,move around freely.

•IC Controller & Timer: ON/OFF push switch,IC controller with LED indication.4 timer levels to adjust (30/60/90/120min). Intelligent timer for safety even if you forget to turn off.

•Size: 12*24 inch,soft structure to embrace different body areas like neck, back, abdomen, or legs snugly, and effectively body relax. (Do not use as a seat cushion).

•Reassuring: Single circuit provides consistent temperature. If the local temperature of the blanket is too high, the power supply will be cut off automatically.

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Flannel Electric Heating Pad 8

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