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Electric Small Space Heaters | Warm Wind Small Ceramic Heater

• This electric space heaters adopting PTC ceramic heating material, the heater can heat quickly without light, high efficiency warm wind heating and constant temperature.
• Digital display screen design shows the real-time temperature, and you can adjust the temperature in 3 gears by touch control.
• The 60-degree shake head range makes the heating area larger.
• Remote control makes the operation more convenient and faster.
• Intelligent timing shutdown. Timing shutdown within 12 hours is available, and if it has been on for a long time, shutting down regularly can save electricity intelligently and extend the service life of the machine.
• Safe protection, Inclining over 30 degrees will power failure to prevent accidents or potential safety hazards.
• Features overheating protection, the machine will automatically power off due to high temperature.
• Flame retardant material, the ceramic room heater body adopts flame-retardant material, which ensures safe heating and warm escort.

Net weight: 1380G (3Lb)
Gross weight: 1600G (3.5Lb)

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