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BATFOX Adult Road Bicycle Helmet | One-piece Bike Safety Helmet

Exploring the ultimate joy of cycling while ensuring every adventure is safe and comfortable, the BATFOX adult road cycling helmet is the ideal choice for every cycling enthusiast who pursues speed and freedom. This helmet stands out for its lightweight design and excellent adaptability, weighing only 280 grams, making you almost unable to feel the weight of your head. At the same time, it provides a head circumference adaptation range of 21.6 inches to 23.6 inches, ensuring that most adults can enjoy a perfect fit.

BATFOX helmet features:
Lightweight design: The helmet weighs only 280 grams, greatly reducing the burden on the head and making cycling more relaxed and enjoyable.

Wide head circumference adaptability: The head circumference can be adjusted from 21.6 inches to 23.6 inches, equipped with an adjustable back strap for easy personalized fit.

Excellent ventilation: Carefully designed multiple ventilation openings effectively reduce head temperature during cycling and enhance overall riding comfort.

Advanced safety protection: Made of high-density EPS material, it greatly enhances impact absorption capacity and comprehensively protects the head safety of cyclists.

Fashionable appearance: The streamlined appearance design not only has outstanding functionality, but also is fashionable and generous, easily paired with various cycling equipment.

Whether you are a daily commuter cyclist or a weekend long-distance cyclist, the BATFOX adult road cycling helmet will be your ideal choice. It keeps you at the highest level of safety and comfort throughout your journey of pursuing speed.


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