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Large Size Heating Pad for Back Neck and Shoulders

• Large size: Our heating pad with 37*22 inch size, provide a full and comfortable cover for your back, shoulders and neck, and effectively relieves fatigue and stress with penetrating comfy heat (Do not use as a seat cushion).

• Comfortable Material: Quality flannel provides optimal comfort for touch while facilitating heat preservation, and is machine washable after removing controller and power cord, maintaining hygiene and softness all along.

• Snap Buttons & Fixture Straps Design: This heating pads will stay in place by fastening buttons and straps, besides, it also with slightly weighted edges design. Without sliding or coming loose, you can wear it easily.

• 6 Temperature Settings & 4 Timing Setting: The heating pad with 6 levels temperature setting. Fast heating for instant relaxation. Around 7ft cord, move around freely. ON/OFF push switch, IC controller with LED indication. 4 timer levels to adjust(30/60/90/120min). Intelligent timer for safety even if you forget to turn heat pad off.

• Reassuring: Single circuit provides consistent temperature. If the local temperature of the blanket is too high, the power supply will be cut off automatically.

Click to see 12*24 inch Flannel Electric Heating Pad

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