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Savior Heated Mittens For Ski

Savior Thick Electric Heated Mittens 12
Savior is a renowned brand known for its excellent product quality and reliable performance. We proudly present economy savior heated mittens, this is a more cost-effective option.

Heated Mittens Feature
These mittens surface made by microfiber materials. They are equipped with a TPU waterproof layer, ensuring your hands stay dry in moist environments. Heat the back of the hand and fingers simultaneously, you can confidently enjoy heated comfort.

Our savior heated mittens are not only affordable but also offer satisfying heating performance. Powered by a rechargeable 7.4-volt 2200mAh battery, these mittens provide up to 6 hours of continuous heating. This means you can stay warm during chilly winter activities without worrying about battery life.

Moreover, comfort and durability are key considerations for Savior. The inner layer material of the gloves is velvet, making you feel smooth and soft. Thumbs have added touch screen function, making it easier for you to operate electronic screens

In summary, savior heated mittens are the ideal companions for cold weather conditions. They deliver exceptional heating performance and durability while remaining affordable. Perfect for men and wormen skiing, walking or for arthritis.

What's Included:
1 Pair of heated mittens
1 Pair of 7.4V 2200mAh Rechargeable Batteries.
1 Adapter
1 Instruction Manual
1 Carrying bag

30-day return and exchang
180-day Limited Warranty on heating elements and batteries.

Savior Heated Mittens For Ski 12

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