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How to keep my foot warming in winter?

August 15, 2020

In cold winter, it is very important to keep your feet warm. Only when your feet are warm, can your body be warmer. If your feet are cold, it will easily cause the flu and weaken your immunity. So what's the right way to keep your feet warm? Let's take a look.

influenza in winter

1. The shoes are not warm. 

The reason may be that walking in the snow for a long time or sweating on the feet may cause the inside of the shoes to be moist. As the temperature drops, the whole shoe will be reduced. Therefore, it is very important to keep the shoes dry. So when you go home every day, you should put your shoes close to the heating, or bake them with a shoe dryer for one night. If you wear them the next day, you will not freeze your feet.

2. Massage your feet before going to bed.

Before going to bed every night, you can use both hands to massage the soles of the feet. You must pay attention to the strength and massage until the center of the foot is hot. Long term persistence can promote the blood circulation of feet, reduce the occurrence of diseases, improve the body's resistance and immunity, and help to resist the cold virus.

3. Put on socks when sleeping.

Put on socks when sleeping, can maintain the temperature of feet, thereby improving the quality of sleep. In addition, you can put a hot water bag beside your feet, which can not only raise the temperature, but also promote the blood circulation of the feet and improve the sleep state. Do more foot activities, can let the foot nerve endings, acupoints get some exercise, but also can promote its blood circulation.

4. Wear electric socks or use electric insoles when going out.

Electronic socks heat socks by placing rechargeable batteries. They can adjust different temperatures and are suitable for various environments. Electrically heated socks or insoles are ideal for patients with circulatory disorders and Raynaud's disease. When buying electric socks, pay attention to choose the socks that can be washed. Before cleaning, take out the battery and put it into the laundry bag for cleaning.


5. Do more leg exercises.

Everyone knows that exercise can promote health, but in cold North America or northern Europe, because of frequent snow, people's going out is affected and outdoor sports are reduced. Sitting for a long time will slow down the blood flow in the feet, which will not only cause obesity, but also reduce our immunity. At this time, we should think more about sports at home, such as rope skipping or cycling exercise bike.

Exercise Bike indoor

Because of the epidemic of the virus, we pay more attention to health than in the past. Keeping warm is the key to keep healthy in winter, and it's easy to do. Don't ignore it.

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