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Savior Thin Heated Gloves Liners For Men And Women | Electric Fingertip Touch Screen Warming Gloves

thin heated gloves size

This is savior the thinest and the lightest electric warming gloves, lycra fabric, very breathable, fingers can easily operate the touch screen device, because it is light and thin, so it good for typing on keyboard.

Ultra Thin Heated Gloves Feature:
✔This is a kind super soft and thin heated gloves liners, made by elastane and polyester and wearing on hand are still flexible, feel very smooth texture. Notice the gloves are not waterproof.
✔You can wearing alone or use for glove liners.
✔This thin heated gloves heating back of hand and every finger individually.
✔Micro-thin stretchable carbon fibers distributes heat evenly to all fingers and palm.
✔3 different temperature control options, 7.4 volt 2200mah battery provide a long-term heating.
High: 140-150°F ( 60-63°C ) 2-2.5 H
Medium: 122-131°F ( 50-55°C ) 3-3.5 H
Low: 100-113°F ( 37-45°C ) 6-6.5 H
✔Whether you're cheering at the stadium or while Biking, Skiing, Fishing, Snow Plowing, and Walking in a cold weather etc, this heated typing gloves can keep you warm alway.

Note: Dear customers, our heated gloves are designed to be thin and are suitable for use in mildly cold environments, such as early autumn or late spring. They can also be used as liners for other gloves. Please note that due to their thin design, they may not provide sufficient heat in extremely cold conditions. If you need to be outdoors for a long time, please purchase medium thickness gloves or thick leather gloves.

Usage Instructions:
Always remove the batteries from your gloves when charging
Charge your batteries at room temperature for 4 hours prior to first use
The LED light on the charger will illuminate RED while charging.
The LED light one the charger will illuminate GREEN when Charging is complete.
Carefully connect the power wire inside the glove storage pocket to the battery.
Position the battery inside the glove pocket and seal up the pocket.

Wash and Care
Remove batteries from gloves when being cleaned and stored
It better clean gloves by hand, but if you want to wash by machine, make sure put it in to wash bag.
Don't machine dry
Don't bleach and iron
Don't dry clean
Air dry gloves lying flat

Package Included:
1 Pair of heated gloves.
1 Pair of 7.4V 2200 mAh Polymer Lithium Rechargeable Batteries.
1 Adapter
1 Instruction Manual
1 Carrying bag

30-day return and exchang
180-day Limited Warranty on heating elements and batteries.

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